Spots, Corporate

and Web

Yeah, we do all that and more. 

Spots & Pre-roll

Lehigh Valley_Pure Protect
Bath Saving Institute-Awareness
Efficiency Maine_Jane & Stuart
Alta One_Imagine
MeBHS - Funeral
Bath Saving Institution_Allagash Brewing
WMCC-White Mountains Community College- Success
iComfort Nov _Seth
Lucky for Life_Celebrate Second
Wheelock College - "Hands" (:30)

Long Form Web

Amtrak Downeaster_OOB Station
"Restoring the Penobscot River"
Thornton Academy
Efficiency Maine_HESP_Dana's Story
ME Designers_Grain Surfboards
DER Freeport Nonseasonal Shopping 60


"The Thos. Moser Story"
Chef of the Year_Union
MITC China English Version
Idexx_Sealer Plus wVOrev1
"Sustainable Catch"